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Black Small Cat Eye Skinny Sunglasses Pretty Little Thing q3rgOjg
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Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
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20 hours ago

A week ago, Yeni Gonzalez was in an immigration detention center in Arizona more than 2,000 miles from her children.

On Tuesday, the 29-year-old stood outside the social services agency in New York City where she had just seen her kids for the first time in 45 days, clutching a blue and white lollipop in her hand.

"I feel very happy because I just saw my children, and my daughter gave me that lollipop," Gonzalez said in Spanish.

By editor 20 hours ago
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Jul 2, 2018

Under the deal, migrants registered in other European Union countries will be held in transit centers as Germany negotiates their return. The country's rebellious interior minister had threatened to quit and pull his party from Angela Merkel's coalition government if the German chancellor did not take a harder line on asylum seekers.

By Jane Arraf Jul 2, 2018
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By Frank Morris Jul 2, 2018
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“We’re currently in therapy for Anxiety” kind of says it all. I think you need to read more here. You have anxiety and you are pulling your child in.


Emily says

No, I took that literally, to mean that Amanda and her son attended therapy sessions together. It could still be for the son’s benefit, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that Amanda has anxiety, but maybe the therapist thinks it’s best to see Amanda and her son together, so that Amanda can reinforce the work being done in therapy, at home.


Backroads says

Thank-you! In the education realm, I hear a lot about “Everyone is gifted”. No, being labeled as gifted is a very big deal with its own process and it’s not all sparkles and sunshine.


common sense says

I love her story. if more parents felt this way we would have much less anxiety and depression among young children. there is absolutely no reason to schedule and micromanage every moment of their days, while at the same time telling them they are unable to plan their time because they’ll “waste it”. the result are hordes of kids who are afraid they’ll fail to live up to what is expected[excellence, nothing less] and at the same time can not imagine not being told what to do every moment. you try living like this. it’s not the same has holding a job and cooking and cleaning etc. you get to make decisions about when and how, the kids don’t.

Statement Bag Swamp Beauty by VIDA VIDA nRiikh

Theresa says

I’m sure he’ll find something he loves by the time he is grown. Whether he become the next sports star or some other kind of star is anyone guess. Maybe he grow up to be a ordinary but nothing special guy or maybe he go down in history. You can never say what the future holds. In the meantime just love him and help him with any interest.

Modal Scarf purple roses by VIDA VIDA ChQ4Y

It makes me think of the B equals Failing issue that is all too often seen in education. No, a B is a very acceptable and respectable grade. No, it does not your kid has special needs (by itself, of course)


Alanna Mozzer says

This is the image that shows up when you tweet a link on Twitter, make a post on Facebook, post a link on Medium, etc…

Here’s how it looks in Medium:

UX Power Tools

Also don’t forget, they’ll probably want to make the website look like Stripe so just copy this exactly:

You’re probably good if you handle the one above. But in this case you’ll probably need to scrub content to match the brand of whatever 6-figure deal your brilliant sales team is working on.

Like a Sales Deck image but a little more visionary . I mean…you’re trying to raise money. You’ll figure how to make it possible later .

Hey they just updated the profile pages too!

“But we aren’t running Facebook ads!” Ha, until you are . And then nobody tells you. Just make them already and you’ll be safe.

until you are

Yep, you have to make one for all 938 social networks. Thankfully we made a Sketch tool to speed that up for you. Y’welcome , kiddos.

Using Nested Symbols to Create Tons of Social Assets in Seconds.

^ by the way, this is my agency’s newsletter and my coworkers write some really outstanding content. We’d love it if you subscribed!

Here are some recent favs:

The Art of Conducting Research for Product Innovation
5 Techniques for Building an Adaptive Brand Identity

Profile Stuff

36. Notification Preferences

It’s awesome when apps notify you when things happen, and even cooler when it plays a trumpet sound. But after the 19th time, you get . You should probably let the user decide when the trumpets sound.

37. The BillingPage

Don’t forget people need to get copies of their bills to expense the product they are paying you thousands of dollars for. And some people make up the idiot IT department for their agency and can’t stand how hard it is to locate this. every. single. month. He’s not bitter.

38. The “Delete My Account”Option

Right, I know. Nobody will do this. But hey, maybe they’ll start a new account again someday! Just like the people who pass a kiosk in the mall and say “I’ll come back later and buy three!” Sure.

There are legit reasons for this that positive. I’ve deleted accounts as I merged into a larger team license. I’ve deleted old accounts that collected dust and I wanted to start fresh. In any case, it’s good customer service to make this a good experience as well.

39. The Profile Photo CroppingTool

Well this is a dumpster fire nightmare scenario for most apps and it doesn’t need to be. I had Christian send me a screenshot from earlier when he was changing his profile picture to Beyoncé.

40. The “Upgrade My Account” Option/Flow

It boggles my mind how difficult this is for many SaaS products. Shut up and take my money. Shouldn’t this be easy ?! Like…THE EASIEST?!

Mad Flows

Eventually, you’ll have finished all the previous things and think you’re home free — then you literally start to go home for the day proud of how on the ball you are.

Then halfway home on your fixie, sipping kombucha from your camelbak, you remember development hasn’t actually started yet! #$%@

Once development starts, you’ll start realizing that just mocking up one screen doesn’t really tell the story (it’s cool, we all try to be lazy). Developers need you to actually break down how a user experience flows from screen-to-screen.

41. The “Change My Address”Flow

You know when you get a snazzy new apartment downtown and you have to change your address on EVERY CREDIT CARD YOU’VE EVER OWNED?

42. The “Add A Credit Card”Flow

Some people (ahem, me) like to keep like a hundred credit/debit cards on file so that thieves have lots of accounts to choose from. So make it easy to add cards. That’s really all I have to say about that.

43. The “Bulk Add”Flow

It’s one thing to make adding an object into the system quickly, but it’s an entirely to make adding a BUNCH OF OBJECTS into the system quickly.

44. The “Create a Custom Filter”Flow

If you allow for sophisticated filtering, it might be nice to add the ability to save this complicated filter for later. That way you don’t have to click a million times all over again.

45. The “Add to Shopping Cart”Flow

It’s kind of funny to think that people forget about this flow, but you know…I’m one of those people. Shut up.

46. The “Share This”Flow

Sharing has become pretty ubiquitous online, but that doesn’t mean it’s already designed for you. All the more reason to spend some time on this one.

47. The “Create from Existing” Flow

This is kind of like “Duplicate + Edit” all in one action. Basically the user is able to start from an existing object and update it as needed.

48. The “Invite Someone”Flow

There’s no better way to add some “virality” to your product than through invitations and sharing. Looking at you Dribbble . Make sure it’s easy, quick, and fun!

49. The “Change User Permissions” Flow

You know that guy Greg? You know how he kind of screws up everything he touches? Yeah, you might wanna revoke some of Greg’s privileges just so he doesn’t delete the entirety of the Internet. Silly Greg.

50. The “Delete and Recover”Flow

You know when you delete something SUPER important and need to get it back immediately? No? Alright.

BONUS #51. Animations

Full disclosure, I actually forgot about these myself. Look, I love animations but I’m lucky if we have the luxury to build these when sales wants a prototype done yesterday , and development is pointing out something I completely missed in my 8th iteration of the landing page. And honestly if we get to animations at all, I just peruse Dribbble or CodePen and send something I like to dev and say, “Make it like that!” Kidding. Am I?

I’m not.

You’re probably furiously writing a list of everything I forgot for this article. Feel free to kindly remind me in the comments. Designers have about a million things to remember when designing MVP products, or large features for an enterprise software platform. Hopefully this can at least be a handy reference to help remind you on your next project.

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